Executive Assistant to the Co-Founders and Office Manager

Oakland, California, United States · G&A


About us

Back to the Roots is working towards re-defining the future of food — one where we Undo Food™ all the way back to its simplest ingredients and least processed versions. How do we create and promote food that is made in a kitchen, not a lab, and reconnect families back to their food? Our R&D team isn't biochemists and food scientists, it's our grandparents! We think there's a powerful movement that's just starting around simplicity and un-doing. It is our vision that what organic brands were for baby-boomers, radically transparent and simple brands will be for millennials and our kids. Food is the most personal thing there is — it's what we put into our bodies 3x a day — and yet we're so disconnected from it. At Back to the Roots we know what works — simple, real food — and we want to inspire a whole new generation to get excited about it! :)

About the role

We are looking for an all-star Executive Assistant to support and amplify the work of our co-founders and office manager to make Back to the Roots an awesome place to work. In this role, you’ll have massive impact across the company, managing important calendars, tackling strategic projects, supporting our Oakland office, and helping our co-founders more efficiently and thoughtfully connect with key stakeholders like buyers, board members, potential recruits, investors, and Back to the Roots team members. If you are resourceful, driven, and hungry for impact and visibility, then come join our passionate team.

The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, organized and detail-oriented, proactive, and the ultimate team player willing to take on a variety of exciting and challenging roles.

This position is full-time and located in our Oakland office.



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